Send a Fake Text Message! How to use it, and when?

With a fake SMS, you can choose your own sender. For example, "Anonymous", or "Secret". When to send such a text message? We did some digging and picked out the most popular moments. Here they come!

Send a Fake Text Message! How to use it, and when?

Send a fake text!

A few years ago (or perhaps a decade ago), sending texts was an every day, all-day occurrence for most of us. However, with our collective increase in smartphone usage, the amount of texts we send on a weekly basis decreases more and more.

It’s just easier to use WhatsApp and other handy chat apps, simply because we like sending pictures and videos simultaneously. But there’s one thing where ‘traditional’ texting shines: anonymity!

When would you send a fake text? There are countless reasons, of course, and in this article, we’ll share the most common ones:

Valentine’s Day text

Never mind roses and a chocolate cake with initials. By sending an anonymous text, you’ll make your secret (or not so secret) lover’s heart melt. Send a romantic poem or your favorite song text. Perhaps even a daring invitation for a blind date.

You never know what might come of it! Valentine’s day isn’t just reserved for romantic lovers. You can just as easily surprise your friends and family with a text as well, just because you care about them.

April Fools’ Day prank

Sending a fake text is the best way to prank your friends, family, and colleagues. What better moment than April Fools' Day?

Did your best friend pass her driver’s exam? Send a text that states a mistake was made and that she has to try again. Is your sister a gossip queen? Send her an anonymous text saying that a computer virus is sent to all her contacts, and watch her panic!

A text from Santa

The warmest month of the year and the perfect time to surprise loved ones and little ones with a text from their favorite hero: Santa!

But not only children will be amused by a secret Santa text; adults will likewise enjoy such a gesture immensely. For example, a playful reminder meant for that one friend who is never on time with his wishlist. Or a thoughtful message for your parents who have been preparing for Christmas eve the entire month.

Send your anonymous text now

Aside from special days, a fake text can be used for any occasion, such as birthdays, graduations, births, and marriages. Sending a fake text is really simple:

  1. Go to our homepage to compose a message.
  2. Enter the mobile number of the receiver.
  3. Be sure to check the green checkmark.
  4. Compose your fake text.
  5. Choose a handle (this is the name the receiver sees).
  6. Press send!

Rather want your text to be delivered at another time? No problem! Select the desired time, and we’ll guarantee your message is delivered at that exact time.

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