The funniest and most scary text messages for Halloween

Do you want to wish someone a happy Halloween in a fun way, or scare them on October 31st? Check out and learn from our funny and scary ideas!

The funniest and most scary text messages for Halloween

Traditions with Halloween

Halloween started as an American holiday. It's all about enjoying the spooky atmosphere and being enchanted by the magic of the night.

We go door-to-door, dressed in the most terrifying costumes we can find in our closets to scare others (and, of course, to beg for candy). Sending a scary or suspenseful anonymous text message only adds to the fun.

Sending scary text messages for Halloween

Halloween is all about scaring your family, friends, and the people in the neighborhood. And let's face it, it's still fun. But maybe you can also use technology, like SMS, to scare others more.

For example, send an anonymous text message to a friend, neighbor, or colleague. Our advice: if possible, make sure you're nearby when the message is delivered, so you can enjoy the effect of your message from the front row.

Inspiration for scary Halloween messages

If you like to really scare someone, we invite you to keep reading. If you dare...

For example, if your brother or sister takes the dog out for a walk in the dark, you can send them an anonymous text saying:

Do you hear that creaking behind you? It may not be the leaves falling...

Be careful not to make it too scary. You don't want the heartbeats to spike too much. That's why we've put together some examples that will allow you to stay comfortably on the couch.

I heard there's a ghost lurking around your neighborhood... Beware! 👻
You probably thought it was just your shadow until it started moving...
Watch out behind you... There could be a zombie standing there!
Have you ever seen a ghost? You might see one tonight!
I heard there's something scary in your closet... Maybe you shouldn't go look.
Be careful if you go out on the street tonight... There may be ghosts following you...
The wind is howling through the trees... It sounds like the cry of a ghost.
Strange things happen during Halloween. Keep your eyes open, be alert, and be prepared! 🎃
Do you hear that crazy laughter? It could be a wicked witch...
There are many strange things that happen during Halloween, so be careful tonight.
Prepare for a night full of frightening surprises and scary encounters.
Remember not to stare in the mirror for too long... There could be something standing behind you.

Fun messages to wish someone a Happy Halloween

Do you just want to wish someone a fun Halloween and don't necessarily want to give them a sleepless night? Then we have some original examples of anonymous text messages to help you.

Happy Halloween! May all your spooky dreams come true.
Wishing you a hauntingly good Halloween! 💀
Let the Halloween spirits accompany you all night long. Happy Halloween!
A happy Halloween filled with tricks and treats for you!
May your Halloween be as scary and exciting as a haunted house attraction! Happy Halloween!
I hope you have a Halloween full of fun, candy, and a little darkness. Happy Halloween!
May your Halloween be filled with lots of treats. Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween! May the spirits of the season fill your heart and home with joy and happiness.
A merry and spooky Halloween to you! Enjoy the treats and scary stories.
Let Halloween enlighten your soul with the spooky atmosphere and warm your heart with coziness. Happy Halloween!

Naughty Halloween text messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend

Not everyone likes to dress up in a scary costume. Some people see Halloween more as an opportunity to dress sexy or provocatively and tease their partner a bit. With a naughty text message, you can set the tone quickly.

Here are some examples of naughty text messages for Halloween. To avoid any #metoo situations, we advise sending these to your partner and not randomly to a stranger.

I can't wait to see you tonight and discover what naughty costume you're wearing... Happy Halloween!
Tonight, I would like a trick or a treat... Which one do you have for me?
I hope we can be creepy and naughty tonight ;) Happy Halloween!
Let me enchant your body tonight. Happy Halloween, baby!
You're as sexy as a witch in a tight dress. Happy Halloween!
I would like to play some spooky tricks on you tonight. Happy Halloween, honey!
Let me enchant you with my kisses tonight. Happy Halloween!
I'm ready to let my inner vampire loose tonight... Are you ready?
You know what they say about Halloween... Anything goes, so let's be naughty!
Tonight, I would like to get caught in your spider web... Happy Halloween!
You've enchanted me with your sexy Halloween costume... Now take it off.
Let me make you feel what real thrill is tonight. Happy Halloween, my naughty spirit!

How to send creepy text messages?

A creepy Halloween text message becomes really eerie when it is a little mysterious, close to the truth, and sent anonymously. With us, your creepy message is in good hands. Anonymous SMS ensures fast, easy, and secure delivery.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose one of the examples on this page or write your own message to wish people a happy or creepy Halloween.

Step 2: Go to our homepage to send an anonymous text message. Enter the recipient's number there. If a green checkmark appears next to the number, it means the number is correct, and your message can be delivered.

Step 3: Enter the selected message or type your own message.

Step 4: Select a sender from the list or come up with a sender to increase the authenticity of your message.

Step 5: Choose when you want your message to be delivered or send it immediately. You will receive a message when your SMS is delivered.

The benefits of anonymous texting

Not only for Halloween, but it can also be fun or useful to use anonymous text messages for other occasions. For example, you can send the best April Fools pranks, send an anonymous love text to your crush, or surprise your children with a personal message from Santa.

Why Anonymous text?

  • Your identity cannot be traced. We handle your data confidentially and do not share it with anyone. All messages that go through us are automatically deleted (together with all associated data) after a short time.
  • Delivery and payment cannot be easier. Each message costs a one-time fee of $1.99 and can be paid in a few clicks by card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. Once your message is sent, you will receive a free delivery confirmation with the exact delivery time.
  • You can text from iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop, or PC: it's all possible! With up to 1,224 characters, you can fire a lot of text at the recipient.

Well, happy Halloween! Have a spooktacular day! 👻

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